Advanced Nano-Scale Materials for Electronics Packaging
Nano Materials International Corporation (NMIC) has developed and commercialized advanced products based on aluminum diamond metal matrix composites (MMCs) that offer the best properties in the industry for removing the heat generated by microwave power transistors and laser diodes.

The results below speak for themselves.

Aluminum Diamond
metal matrix composites

The most thermally-conductive heat spreader material for GaN device packaging

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Aluminum Diamond metal matrix composite is the most effective product available for removing heat from RF and microwave transistor packages, laser diodes, and other high-power electronics components.

Aluminum Diamond directly replaces copper tungsten, copper moly, and copper moly copper as a heat spreader and delivers thermal conductivity greater than 500 W/mK, coefficient of thermal expansion of 6 ppm/K, and low density of 3.17 g/cc.

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